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Thumbnail of the first T.J Cycles 'Flying Gate' at the 1979 Harrogate Show
The first TJ Cycles
'Flying Gate' 1979

Thumbnail of Trevor Jarvis in his workshop
Trevor Jarvis
In the workshop

Thumbnail of 'Flying Gate' in full flight
'Flying Gate'
in full flight

Thumbnail of Michael Hardy's 2016 'Flaying Gate frame
Michael Hardy's triathlon
'Flying Gate' frame 2016
Thumbnail of Liz with Darren Woods 'Diana'frame 2016
Liz with Darren Woods
'Diana' frame 2016

Thumbnail of 'Gary Birditt's Baines 1940's VS37 in 2016
Gary Birditt's 1940's
Baines VS37 in 2016

Thumbnail Photo of 'Flying Gate' On the track at Roubaix
'Flying Gate' Trevone
at Roubaix 1999

Thumbnail of 'Flying Gate' Tandem outside TJ Cycles
'Flying Gate' Tandem
outside TJ Cycles

Thumbnail of the smallest T.J Cycles 'Flying Gate' ever built
The smallest
'Flying Gate'

Thumnail of Don Saunders on 'Flying Gate' Trike
Don Saunders on a
'Flying Gate' Trike

Thumbnail of Gill Bradley on a TJ Cycles Time Trial  bike
Gill Bradley
on a Time Trial

Thumbnail Photo of Trevor Jarvis in his Workshop
TJ in Workshop

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