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Thumbnail of fully Laden 'Flying Gate'
Fully Laden
'Flying Gate'

Thunbnail of  Ron Wright with Flying Gate
Ron Wright with fully
laden 'Flying Gate'

Thumbnail of 'Flying Gate with telescopic front forks
'Flying Gate' with
telescopic front forks

Thumbnail of Trevor Jarvis with stunning 'Flying Gate' tandem frame in 2001
Trevor Jarvis with
'Flying Gate' tandem

Thumbnail of Choppers 'Flying Gate'
'Flying Gate'

Thumbnail of Brian Rowsons' 2002 twotone.jpg
Brian Rowson's
2002 'Flying Gate'

Thumbnail to TJ's own 2002 bicycle
TJ's own
2002 'Flying Gate'

Thumbnail image of the 2nd smallest T.J Cyles 'Flying Gate'
The 2nd smallest
'Flying Gate'

Thumbnail image of Brian Petritsch and orthodox  TJ Cycles frame.
Brain Petritsch with fully
laden orthodox TJ frame

Thumbnail image of the frame of Mark Antrobus
A classic look to this
respray of a 'Gate'

Thumbnail image of Tony Orme
Tony Orme on a
'Flying Gate' in 1982

Thumbnail image of Tony Orme
Tony Orme on a
'Flying Gate' in 1982

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