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historical home of the

'Flying Gate' ®

'One of the 50 greatest bikes of all time'
(from 121 years of Cycling Weekly, March 2012)

This website now contains mainly historical information.

An announcement from Arthur:

Please see the following link, for the grand opening of a cycle exhibition on the 15th May 2022
that Flash has been working on with Brian Reid at Golden Age Cycles in Banbury
together with an extra ride to keep you going until the 'Flying Gate Weekend'

An announcement from Trevor:

Hello my fellow Gaters, I hope you all enjoyed this years FGWE, even with the hills.
Typical of the Hereford area but perhaps next year will be a bit flatter....(We’re working on it! please see the weekend page for more details)

As you all know from the announcement at the FGWE, Liz has stopped frame building.
This set a big problem for me to try and find a suitable builder to take on this very special frame and most importantly the comradeship that goes with it.
I am extremely pleased to say that the problem is now very well solved.
Chris Yeomans, as a result of seeing the friendly atmosphere and comradeship at the FGWE,
has purchased TJ Cycles and the full rights to build the “Flying Gate”.
Chris has certainly got all the skill and dedication that I could have hoped for.
His background in metalwork and understanding of the medium is profound. In fact you may know that he has been working alongside Liz for some time now.
I think you will remember Chris and his wife Dawn at this years FGWE riding the Gravel bikes for which Chris is renowned
further details may be found at
He has also taken over the @flying_gate Instagram account as well as continuing with his own @smithyframeworks pages.
I’m looking forward to more postings from him both there and on this facebook page in the future.
I hope he may even take the “Flying Gate” into its 100th year? I wish you all well and look forward to seeing you all again at next year’s FGWE.


Doug Poll's Silver jubilee No1 Flying Gate Frame

Number one of ten unique 'Flying Gate' Silver Jubilee frames

For more information please contact Trevor Jarvis on
or see the contacts page on this site for other contact details

Occasionally someone will reluctantly part with their TJ bicycle or components,
the site's For Sale / Wanted page is an ideal place to advertise and also alert visitors to items that are wanted.
Currently there is
1 item for sale and 0 items wanted.

updated 05.03.2022

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