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More detailed specifications of the tubes can be found by clicking on the images below.

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Reynolds 631
Utilising the same chemistry as 853, this product is cold-worked and also has the advantages of air-hardening after welding.
The alloy is a development on our famous 531 range with 10% higher strength.
For cycling use, this provides tough, durable and comfortable frames particularly suitable for long distance riding.

Strength rating; 800 - 900 MPA  density 7.78 GM/CC.

Reynolds 725
Using an industry standard alloy with mechanical properties similar to our famous 753 brand,
Reynolds mandrel butt and heat-treat this alloy so that thinner walls can be used compared to non-heat-treated steels.
725 can be used within our “Designer Select” combinations including 853 and 631 tubes.

Strength rating; 1080 - 1280 MPA density 7.78 GM/CC

Reynolds 853
The benefits of air-hardening steels are particularly noticeable in the weld area where, unlike conventional steel alloys,
strength can actually increase after cooling in air immediately after welding.
853 is heat-treated to give high strength and damage resistance, and the steel properties allow thin walls to be used,
so that lower weight but fatigue-resistant structures can be made.

Strength rating; 1250 - 1400MPA density 7.78 GM/CC

We can also make your frame using Columbus tube
please check with us what is currently available prior to ordering

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